Harmonizing your style, personality and budget into a memorable occasion

Lai Harris
Founder, Lead Consultant & Orchestrator

Lai is the founder and orchestrator behind Orchestrated Occasions. Her love for planning and orchestrating events began decades ago while organizing gatherings in her parent's backyard.  With a background in hospitality and cosmetology, Lai is known for providing exceptional service, keen attention to details and excellent organizational skills.  Lai is also a Certified Wedding Planner (CWP) and Professional Bridal Consultant™ (PBC).

                    Chat With Lai

What are your goals when planning events?

My objective is to plan a fabulous occasion that mimicks the vision, style and personality of my client.

Three words often used to describe you?
Observant, Dedicated and Authentic.

Your favorite part of an event?

Standing at the back of the room observing my client enjoying the moment.  All the months of planning are over and their vision has finally come to fruition. 

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